Determining The Birth Date of Ternate Part V

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Which date ?
      Now,to find the exact date. If mere yeras were never recorded in the manuscripts above,let alone dates! Defining the birth dates of Indonesian cities is never easy. The birth dates of most Indonesian cities are fictive. Here are a few examples. Jakarta's Birthday, on June 22, based on the fall of Sunda Kelapa to Falatehan, is a fictitious date,even though the years is in accordance with historical fact (1572). In the historical resources used to define the date of Jakarta's birth,which are the Portuguese recources, the date of Falatehan's victory over Sunda Kelapa was not recorded. The birth date of Tondano city is also fictitious since is was taken from the birthday of Sam Ratulangi
     For Ternate's birth date I humbly suggest date we use the date of the declaration of Ternate as a city,which is April 27, although the date has no direct relevancy to years 1250.
     From the arguments stated above,it could be said,that the Act of Ternate island (and beyond) as a city April 27 1999 is a re-legitimatization of an ongoing reality from the years 1250. Yet the history of the city is along stretch from the year 1250,therefore the age of Ternate City is now 753 years old. The End

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