Ternate In The Early Period (An Attempt to Determine the Birth Date of the City) Part I

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     Actually  to define the birth date of the city of Ternate is not that difficult, since the founding of the city has been defined with an act by the central goverment, which clearly stated the issued date. However the common tendency to choose an older date - the better if a lot older than other cities - shows the certain settlement had existed long before the official goverment's decision for its city status. In the case of Ternate  island, the ruins of old forts are clear proofs that the settlements here had existed ever since the 16th and 17th century, while the myths trace its origin even to earlier periods. The developments of the city that now covers the entire island  provides reason for the people to find a certain date that precedes the founding of the city which was centered in a region called Malayu.
     The term city in Indonesia had grown expansively in its meaning in time. Originally asa a defense fort, the term city was later used for settlement surrounded by walls, then was used to call the settlement itself even though without surrounding walls, but of those having the characteristic which differ them from rural settlement. If in Western Europe, in England for instance, there is a diference between town and city (the later being found on a charter), in our country  it is known as development from city to city which is also based on a governmental Act.
     The city of Ternate we know now had grown and developed in the area called Malayu, around fort of VOC called  Fort Orange. Therefore, the first possibility that could be considered in determining its birth date is the date of the building of the fort by Cornelis Matelieft Jr. in May 26 1607. Yet there are aspirations for a much earlier date, by the fact that the city of Ternate now covers the entire island. This paper shall explore several important events in Ternate history as the basis to determine the date of the city's founding.
Countinue Part II........(Adrian B. Lapian)

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